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        YZR hoisting motor housing


        YZR motor

        Lifting motor

        The hoisting motor and the variable-frequency variable-speed motor for metallurgy are squirrel-cage rotor motors. It combines the advantages of traditional lifting and metallurgical motor and frequency conversion motor, so that the motor can not only meet the needs of frequency starting, braking, overload, reverse, overspeed, impact and vibration work occasions, but also meet the needs of operation under the control of frequency converter, realize soft start, four-quadrant operation, etc., thus reducing the impact on equipment and saving energy. The rated voltage of the motor is 380V, the rated frequency is 50Hz, and the reference working system is S3-40%. The motor adopts forced ventilation cooling mode, which makes the motor have good heat dissipation effect in a wide frequency range. The insulation level and protection level of the motor are the same as those of YZ and YZR motors. The installation size of the motor is the same as that of YZ and YZR motors, thus ensuring good interchangeability. The appearance of the motor adopts a new design, which is beautiful and generous. Above H160 motors are equipped with cooling fans with independent power supply to meet the requirements of ventilation and heat dissipation during low-frequency operation. The basic series does not have encoder, overspeed switch, etc. (suitable for switch control). Encoder, overspeed switch, brake, etc. can be added according to user requirements. It is an ideal power for metallurgy and lifting machinery, and its products are widely used in metallurgy, lifting, water conservancy and power industries.

        Lifting motor

        Service conditions: normal operation at an altitude of no more than 1000m. Class F is applicable to ambient air temperature between - 20 ℃ and 40 ℃, and Class H is applicable to ambient air temperature between - 20 ℃ and 60 ℃. The relative humidity is less than 90%.

        Basic form Rated voltage: 380V Rated frequency: 50Hz Protection grade: IP44 or IP54 Insulation grade: F or H Cooling mode: self-cooling IC410 (H112~H132), fan cooling IC 411 (H160~H250).

        Reference working system: S3-25% for high speed and S3-15% for low speed.

        Installation mode: B3, B5, V1

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