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        How are motor products classified?
        Date:2023-02-06 15:08:56

        1. Classification by working power supply

        According to the different working power supply of the motor, it can be divided into DC motor and AC motor. The AC motor is also divided into single-phase motor and three-phase motor.

        2. Classification according to structure and working principle

        According to the structure and working principle, motors can be divided into DC motors, asynchronous motors and synchronous motors. Synchronous motor can also be divided into permanent magnet synchronous motor, reluctance synchronous motor and hysteresis synchronous motor. Asynchronous motor can be divided into induction motor and AC commutator motor. Induction motors are also divided into three-phase asynchronous motors.

        Different step motors and shaded pole asynchronous motors, etc. AC commutator motor is also divided into single-phase series excitation motor, AC/DC dual-purpose motor and repulsion motor.

        3. Classification according to start and operation mode

        According to the starting and operating modes, motors can be divided into capacitor-start single-phase asynchronous motors, capacitor-run single-phase asynchronous motors, capacitor-start single-phase asynchronous motors and split-phase single-phase asynchronous motors.

        4. Classification by use

        Motor can be divided into driving motor and control motor according to its purpose. Motor for driving is also divided into motor for electric tools (including drilling, polishing, polishing, slotting, cutting, reaming and other tools) Electric motors for household appliances (including washing machines, electric fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, tape recorders, video recorders, video players, vacuum cleaners, cameras, hair dryers, electric shavers, etc.) and other general small mechanical equipment (including various small machine tools, small machines, medical equipment, electronic instruments, etc.). The control motor is divided into step motor and servo motor.

        5. Classification according to rotor structure

        According to the structure of the rotor, the motor can be divided into cage induction motor (called squirrel-cage induction motor in the old standard) and wound rotor induction motor (called wound induction motor in the old standard).

        6. Classification by operating speed

        The motor can be divided into high-speed motor, low-speed motor, constant-speed motor and speed-regulating motor according to the running speed.

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